WageLink Australia | QAS
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The benchmark for service excellence.

WAGELINK AUSTRALIA PTY LTD operates an independently certified Quality Management System.

Our Quality Management System is certified to the international ISO AS/ANZ 9001:2008 Quality Standard by highly regarded SAI Global Assurance Services.

This certification allows us to use the famous “five ticks” logo to show that we meet world best practice in the way we conduct our business and that an independent certifier says so.


Wagelink’s Quality Management System is:

  • Structured
  • Documented
  • Consistent
  • Efficient


It works to guarantee a standardised approach to the way we use our internal processes to ensure our customers on-time and accurate payroll management.

Well-implemented and audited Quality Management Systems such as ours emphasise high levels of customer service as being at the very top of business priorities.

Customer service surveys consistently place Wagelink in the very highest scoring rates for high quality service. Our independently certified Quality Management system provides our customers with the guarantee they seek when committing their payroll management to Wagelink.

Five Ticks Means You Deal With The Best In The Business … Guaranteed!