WageLink Australia | FAQ
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Frequently Asked Questions
I currently use an inhouse payroll product which I am in control of! Why would I get Wagelink to do my pays?

With¬†Wagelink you are still in control of your Payroll. The difference is that we will process, pay and provide you with the completed details thus eliminating the “pain” and time taken to process your payroll.

Can Wagelink deposit my employees' pays directly into their bank accounts?

Wagelink can deposit your employees’ wages to their bank accounts via electronic funds transfer (EFT) or send you either a banking report or a bank file so you can send it via your ow

How secure is my companies Payroll information with Wagelink?

Wagelink’s Quality Assurance Systems give you total security, incorporating data back up and disaster recovery plans. Our Staff ensure that only the designated contact for your company can request and receive data relevant to your company, guaranteeing strict confidentiality of your company and employee details.

Does Wagelink handle the payments of PAYG, Workcover, Payroll Tax and Super?

Yes, Wagelink can advise you what month end payments are being remitted and when they will be processed, well before the due dates.

How easy is it to set up my Payroll on Wagelink and how long will it take?

Very easy! Our Wagelink Sales Consultants will go over the process with you and can have you up and live within 5 working days.

Does Wagelink handle Leave for my specific award?

Wagelink can cover most awards leave needs whether it be RDO, Sick Leave, LSL or Annual Leave.

How much is using Wagelink going to cost me?

Wagelink’s services are very affordable compared to what you are spending on your payroll now. You will see great savings and our services are tax deductible.

Does Wagelink produce the Payment Summaries? (group certificates)

Wagelink can produce your payment summaries and send copies electronically to the ATO which means you no longer need to do a Payment Summary Reconciliation.

How skilled is Wagelink's Staff in Payroll and associated matters?

Wagelink’s Staff have over 60 years Payroll experience and we have trainees which have mentors to assist them with their payroll training and experience to ensure there will always be a Payroll specialist that can help you.

Do Wagelink have any hidden costs?

Wagelink does not have any hidden costs. All fees associated with your payroll are explained up front and put in writing so you know what your annual cost are going to be, which is valuable for budgetting purposes.